Watch what you wish for… Some inheritances are literally death.

My life has been turned upside down by my inheritance, but my only complaint is the cat that came along with the new house.

I swear he’s judging me as I settle in and try to make new friends in my new small-town Louisiana neighborhood.

And just when I start to settle into my new job and get back to reading my classic novels, I’m pulled chapters deep into a mystery.

The Beauty Queen in the town has been offed. Someone has killed the darling.

Wouldn’t you know it? An innocent man has been framed.

I shouldn’t get involved, but somehow, my cat seems to have a way with finding clues in some of my favorite stories. Not that any of that makes sense.

Why would it?

The cat is the sleuth, I’m the amateur, and we have alligators in the backyard.

Throw in a dead body, a book club that’s filled with suspicious characters, and you have my new life.

And I thought being a librarian in Louisiana was going to be dull.


Bodies are piling up, and I’m in charge of figuring out why.

I can’t help it! There are innocent people being accused.

And don’t get me started on the heat and humidity in Beulah.

The thick cloud of death is only surpassed by the constant hot flashes induced by the weather.

I could keep going. I should actually.

After almost being killed by a history-obsessed realtor that wanted my inherited house for herself, I’m ready to get out of Dodge.

Unfortunately, this new situation is a bit more personal in nature.

A guy that disappeared a decade ago was discovered dead in this new case. Where has he been for the last ten years?

And one of my friends just happens to have the murder weapon. You can’t make these things up. Not even in the pages of a good mystery novel.

Speaking of books, my new book club is at the center of my thoughts as the judgmental kitty and I traverse this new mystery.

The members of the club are fan-girling over the town’s new resident, but the man is up to no good! I can feel it.

With all this craziness, it isn’t easy being a sleuth right now, but Chonks will help me navigate the twists and turns of this gritty mystery, as long as we’re home in time for his dinner.

That is a must.


Just when I thought things in my New Orleans suburb were starting to settle down, a crazy mayoral election throws a wrench into the works.

Mayor Travis was used to applause from his days as a high school football star, but he’s more likely to hear boos nowadays, since his rival is painting him as soft on crime.

Beulah’s recent uptick in crime has the mayor losing the case for re-election, and it doesn’t help when the other candidate starts getting threats she’s happy to lay at his feet.

Mayor Travis swears his innocence, but some of his constituents are happy to believe he’s guilty.

And yet, the rival candidate has secrets of her own, secrets that could come back to haunt her.

Can Chonks and I unravel the mystery of where these threats before the ballots are cast?

Can we save Beulah the chaos of a contested election?



Bliss, Texas will never be the same. A murder will make sure of that.

The town Sheriff is fat, happy, and useless. Just like his daddy before him and his dad before that.

Ethel and Velma Harmon should know. They’ve been around for all three.

These two seventy-something sisters-in-law refuse to let their ages slow them down. Especially when there’s a mystery to get tangled up in.

The only thing that takes their time away from the whole ball of yarn is, well, a ball of yarn. Crochet class can’t be missed. No matter what.

But keeping things on track isn’t easy. Not with old high school boyfriends that still think they’re eighteen and overly friendly mailmen offering up winks.

Throw in a dead candidate for mayor, a gender-confused cat, and a splinter-giving park bench, and you’re in for one heck of a time.


Velma and Ethel are at it again.

After her generous, and unintentional, donation for splinter-free park benches, Velma Harmon gets invited to a charity dinner hosted by the Beautification Committee of Bliss at the home of Everett Gaines, one of the wealthiest widowers in town.

With no interest in going, she hopes to find adventure elsewhere, much to the dismay of Ethel and Chief Rayne.

Ethel has always wanted to see Gaines Manor up close, and Chief Rayne just wants Velma to enjoy her retirement and stay out of trouble.

Ethel begs her to go to the event in hopes of finding herself a man, and Velma reluctantly agrees.

But when a heavy storm takes out a tree and a bridge, Velma finds herself trapped in Gaines Manor with two dead bodies, one handsome mailman, and a vicious killer.

Who said nothing exciting ever happens in Bliss, Texas?

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